Sunday, March 1st Full Page Spread!

Miss Sunday’s page about the DHPT and Akin house in The Standard Times?

Read all the articles HERE!



Diane Gilbert (DHPT president) answers questions brought to her by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) including the purpose, challenges, and goals of the DHPT at the Akin House:


Peggi Merdeiros (DHPT Board Member) asks us to silence the debate over funding for a moment and hear the brief history of the Akin family and their property:


Diane Gilbert voices her view on why the CPC should support the Elihu Akin House with this final allotment of funds to finish Phase III:




A special thank you to Diane Gilbert and Peggi Medeiros for writing the opinion pieces, and The Standard Times staff for the dedication of a page to our cause.

Grace Labossiere

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