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Hunting for Treasure

Sunday, June 7th was DHPT’s first specifically kids’ focused event!

After arriving at 1pm and decorating “treasure chest” bags for the goodies they were about to find, kids had a chance to try the game of Graces- a popular 19th century children’s pastime.

As the Treasure Hunt began, kids took turns reading clues and following a treasure map around the Akin property to find hidden boxes of prizes. Each prize correlated to the piece of history Bob Barboza would then present in a set of “mini-talks” about the 1762 house at each prize location. Children were taught about some of the key facets of the Akin family history including the house’s age and Mr. Akin’s profession as a shipbuilder.

After finishing the clues, kids were invited on a tour of the Akin house, led by historian Peggi Medeiros.

The last activity of the afternoon consisted of attaching a few charms found during the hunt to bracelets and bookmarks to take home and remember their day.

To read more and see several pictures taken by Seth Thomas of Dartmouth Week, check out the article posted HERE!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the event, and our trusty board members and volunteers for the time and effort put into the whole day!!

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Dartmouth Town Meeting TODAY

Today’s the day! DARTMOUTH TOWN MEETING is in order and funding for the Akin House project will get it’s final vote!

We believe with this final phase of the Akin House project DHPT will be able to finalize restoration on the house and start our programing agenda as an educational heritage facility. Dartmouth is privileged to possess a historic home such as this one, and with this last funding requested, DHPT will be able to ensure that the Akin House is preserved for many generations to come.

For more information on our vision for the project see HERE.

For more on the history of the Elihu Akin House HERE.

For more on the restoration we’ve done thus far see HERE.

THANK YOU, Dartmouth community, for your support, and Town Meeting members for your vote!!

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DHPT Kids Event June 7th!

Clipped treas huntOn JUNE 7 , DHPT will be hosting our first ever KIDS EVENT!

Children 10 and under are invited to a TREASURE HUNT to be held on the Elihu Akin House property! From 1-3pm, kids will participate in old-fashioned games and learn about their community’s heritage while hunting around the property for prizes! Parents and children will have the opportunity to tour the 1762 house after the hunt. Event is free, donations gratefully accepted.

Treasure maps will be provided.

Hope to see you there!


Elihu Akin House property, 762 Dartmouth Street, Dartmouth MA




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Become a Member

Membership snap
Every time an important historic house or structure is lost or demolished, we lose another connection to our history, the people who settled in our coastal areas over the centuries and their culture. We have already lost too many architecturally significant buildings and structures, and as a result, the special character shaped by our historic legacy has been demolished.

It’s a new fiscal year! Become a member today and help support the organizations preserving our heritage for the future generations to appreciate, study, and enjoy.

Join us from the foundation up!

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Did You Know: Movie Buffs, Unite!

Welcome to the first of many “Do You Know” posts! Now and then we hope to interest you in a fun fact or tid-bit about the Akin House and it’s owners with a short post on the blog.

Today’s topic- DID YOU KNOW that the Akin House stared in a movie?

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At the Dartmouth Community Preservation Committee [CPC] public hearing on March 10, the committee reviewed several proposals for requests for Community Preservation Act grants.  According to policy, successful proposals will be presented to Town Meeting in June 2015.

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Not “One and Done”

Gregory Jones, who refers to himself as a “member of the Dartmouth community, parent of school-aged children, and professional architect,” directs his audience back to the realities of how preservation projects are conducted and why the CPC funds are so vital for this phase of the Akin House’s restoration.

“Stewardship and preservation is not a ‘one and done’ type of effort. Rather it is an on-going process with each phase of work building on the previous work all the while informing the citizens of Dartmouth about their local history.”

“The admirable work that has been performed to date, along with the numerous archaeological digs that continue to occur on the property have demonstrated to…people that historic preservation can be engaging, intriguing and rewarding.”

Help us continue this “engaging, intriguing, and rewarding” work by attending the CPC Meeting on March 10th to show your support!! The meeting will be held at 6:30, in room 315 of the Dartmouth Town Hall. Without the CPC funds, it will be a much longer road to finishing Phase III of the Akin restoration and the subsequent commencing of the Community Heritage Center project. A visible sign of our local community’s support support would go a long way. Hope to see you there!!

As always, we thank you for your donations to DHPT, sharing with others about our work in the community, and following our projects online!

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DHPT Winter Fundraiser


Tickets for our February 20th Akin House fundraiser are


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Serving a Mission

On Friday, January 16th, DHPT once again submitted an application to Dartmouth’s Community Preservation Committee to request funds for Phase III of the Akin House’s restoration project.

In recognition of this worthy mission, Dr. Christina Hodge, Academic Curator & Collections Manager at Stanford University Archaeology Collections, submitted this letter of recommendation to the CPC committee.  

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