Akin House

“The Little House with a

Big Story to Tell”

A Restoration Project From the Foundation Up


The 1762 Elihu Akin House is DHPT’s most important project, and the centerpiece of this organization.  This property has been long envisioned to become a regional Cultural Heritage Center and Educational Facility, which would be the first of its kind in Dartmouth. 

Building on DHPT’s mission and purpose, this pre-Georgian cape style structure––modest in stature and older than the Declaration of Independence––will be transformed into a “Study House” and working classroom. The property will serve as the focal point for the Cultural Heritage Center as a public space for hands-on learning and educational programming.

Elihu Akin House Cultural Heritage Center will be a destination for visitors in its own right and serve as a tourist information center, a resource Dartmouth needs but does not offer today.

Note:  It was the late Anne W. “Pete” Baker who coined the phrase “The little house with a big story to tell”.  Pete was a well-known and much sought after architectural consultant of early houses in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.  She was hired as a consultant by the Waterfront Historic Area League on this project prior to the takeover by DHPT. Pete is the author of Collecting Houses, 17th Century Houses – 20th Century Adventure, Xlibris, 2003.