Akin House Re-Opening Delayed




Due to Covid19 shutdowns in Massachusetts, we have been precluded from holding any events at the Akin House so far this year. We are complying with the requirements and guidance from Governor Charlie Baker and the Dartmouth Board of Health. At this time, it is uncertain when the “reopening” of historic sites will be allowed. The Governor has appointed an advisory board to examine the feasibility, timetable, and the development of protocols for re-opening historic sites and other tourism venues.

Members of the preservation community and groups who manage historic sites and events do not anticipate any kind of re-opening to large gatherings for the next couple of months. When this was discussed among us, a colleague expressed the test for re-opening, urging us to ask ourselves three simple questions: “Can you?” “Should you?” “Will they come?”


Necessarily, to protect everyone’s safety, we have cancelled our flagship living history event, planned for June 14, 2020, “Never Idle Hands-Living in Early America.” Community gatherings much like we’ve been expecting will be prohibited for some time, yet to be determined. House tours, special exhibitions, demonstrations and lectures are also postponed. 


Meanwhile, we will determine the feasibility of hosting small scale events and programs at the Akin House late Summer or early Fall. This will depend on Governor Baker’s plans for reopening historic sites (tourism sites) and the approval from Dartmouth’s Board of Health.

We will keep you informed as the situation develops. Please check this site and Facebook. Look for news through email as well.



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4 thoughts on “Akin House Re-Opening Delayed
  1. David Akin

    Hello Dartmouth Historical Preservation Trust,
    My name is David Fulton Akin from Mayville, New York. I am of the same Akin Genetic lineage as Elihu and I share (his father) my 6th Great Grandfather John Akin b.1663 • Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, but my Grandmother was Elihu’s Father John first wife Mary Briggs. I have five brothers and two sisters and many nieces and nephews that I would like to share information about the Historic Home of Elihu Akin, but I need to make certain I am talking about the same Elihu ancestor as there are several and only two that are from Dartmouth. I am attempting to discover the correct Elihu Akin in the Akin Clan Genealogy. I believe I have found him and the pedigree here: https://wc.rootsweb.com/trees/101764/P3805/elihu-akin/individual
    If I have this right Elihu’s Mother was Hannah Sherman and it appears there was much turmoil among the Akin Family members and between the British King and his tax collection that Elihu’s Father John had issues collecting and nearly cost him a trip to the hangman’s noose. This Elihu Akin above was also one of the earliest licenced liquor salesman in the Dartmouth area (1764-1768).
    Anyways I hope you are able to open soon and allow folks to come and see the first five room house of its style of the region. There is additional reading about Elihu in the “Notes” section down at the bottom of the web link.
    Thank you for all you do to preserve the Akin Family Heritage for all to see.
    David Fulton Akin

    1. DHPT

      Dear David,
      I always hope to hear from DIRECT descendants of Elihu Akin. Do you know Genevieve Hannon who is also a direct descendant? I stay in touch with her as well as four other descendants of Thomas Akin, Elihu’s half-brother from May Briggs. I haven’t been on the website for a couple of months but will be working on a new BLOG. Just saw your message today. During these Covid Times, I am in the process of organizing our annual meeting via Zoom. I know that you are also receiving emails from me through MailChimp. I hope you can join the Zoom call to attend our annual meeting. I would like to talk with you on the phone sometime.My phone number is (508) 965-7265. Best wishes, Diane Gilbert

      1. David Fulton Akin

        Hello Diane Gilbert,
        Thank you for the kind words. I would love to talk with you. My number is (716) 269-2033.
        I do have the pedigree for Elihu Akin who’s mother was Hannah Sherman, (Elihu’s father John Akin’s second wife.) After Mary Briggs died in child birth at the tender age of 37 in 13 October 1807 giving birth to Judith Akin. John Akin, (Elihu’s Father) had a total of seventeen children by two wives (12 children with Mary Briggs & 5 children with Hannah Sherman). He was a very busy man. The Akin Clan in America originated one generations prior with David Akin of Newport Rhode Island, and migrated to Nonquitt /Smith Neck region, then to South Dartmouth Mass. I have so much more to share and talk about.
        Hope to talk soon.

        David Fulton Akin
        68 North Erie Street
        Mayville, New York 14757-1018

        1. DHPT

          Dear David, I’ll say one thing about all the Akin descendants I’ve come to know, you know your family history and genealogy and show a great passion about your ancestors. I’m working on the plans and communications for the annual meeting next week which have its technology challenges but I’ve been getting distracted by Akin family history. It’s a lot to remember so I keep going back to my documents. Yesterday someone emailed me about the Akin cemetery at the corner of Akin and William Streets. Do you have contact with your contemporary Akin besides Larry Akin? Katie Simensen of Wisconsin is responsible for the Akin cemetery. Every Akin descendant I’ve spoken with share a wealth of information with me. It’s all consistent too. I refer to Larry’s family tree and his “Akin Saga” more times than I can count. I actually met my first Akin descendant at the Akin House around 2009. Terry Akin and his wife Heidi Hanes from Baltimore were touring the area and stopped by to see Phase two construction work and the contractor, a good friend of mine, called me. I happened to be home and walked right over there. The Akin house is about a 7-minute walk from my house. How convenient! Terry and Heidi were so pleased to see the house, in not the best shape at that point. I gave Terry a brick from the house. Since that meeting, we talked on the phone every often. Terry would send me photos and source information. He enjoyed gossiping about the Akins. We laughed a lot, actually. He had a ghoulish sense of humor. Unfortunately, Terry passed away from a stroke a couple of years later and I was devastated. I have such fond memories and I stay in touch with Heidi. So yes, I would love to chat with you. I will send you a gmail of the Akin family gathered in front of the Akin House when they visited in the summer of 2014. Which reminds me, they love to gather for family reunions. Let me know when it’s convenient for me to call you. Take care, Diane


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